The services of a counseling psychologist are a kind of first step psychological help. He will not solve the problem for you. A psychologist will help you to take a different look at familiar things, solve problems at the level of consciousness and find a new look at what seemed obvious, but brought you a feeling of inner discomfort.

Do I need the help of a psychologist?

Sometimes in life there are times when we do the usual things, but it faces unpleasant results for us. We feel dissatisfaction, fatigue, resentment and misunderstanding on the part of loved ones. The world is starting to creep into pieces, and it’s not so easy to restore balance. If something like this happens in your life, it may be a sign that it is worth asking a psychologist for help.

Where can I get psychological help in Australia and how to find a professional psychologist?

The sbaan psychological center sBaan providing psychological assistance in Adelaide since 2008. We have professional psychologists with many years of experience. Our specialists are constantly improving their skills in core educational projects and receive supervision from the best supervisors in Australia. To become a practical psychologist, it is not enough to get a higher education even in a leading university. It is necessary to obtain a number of additional knowledge and skills in order to become a practicing psychologist. And this takes time. Therefore, if you need a professional psychologist in Adelaide, please contact us. We will do everything to make your new life more comfortable and harmonious!

What is better: to endure, wait or sign up for a consultation with a psychologist?

Along with anxiety and fatigue, illnesses often come, and the help of a psychologist in this case is simply necessary. If you let the situation take its course and hope that “somehow settles”, internal problems and conflicts, if forgotten, then only for a while. In fact, they will not disappear anywhere, but will only get worse. Following this may come heart disease, nervous system and other complications. This can be avoided if you sign up for psychological counseling in time.

How long does the psychologist take?

Psychological counseling is usually short-term assistance that helps solve certain situations and problems. During several meetings with a psychologist (usually from 2 to 5) you will receive answers to your questions and feel support in experiencing a new experience for yourself. The duration of treatment varies from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the method in which the specialist works.

More thorough work with the person is carried out at the next level – individual psychotherapy. It works at a deeper level than psychological counseling. In this case, it is worth making an appointment with a psychotherapist (please do not confuse with a psychiatrist!).